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Tyrone offers a wide range of servers and workstations in collaboration with industry leaders such as SuperMicro, Intel, and AMD. Our servers are built to combine powerful performance with a host of other benefits such as lower maintenance costs, lesser power consumption, affordability, and scalability to help maximize ROI.

Rackmount Servers Twin Servers Blade Servers Storage
  1U      1U Twin    Blade servers for data centers      Chassis
  2U      2U Twin    GPU computing      RAID
  3U      2U Twin2    personal computing      Expander / HDD Compatibility
  4U / Tower                  

Tyrone also offers a comprehensive range of workstation solutions to cater to your requirements in rich media, CAM, CAM, CAE etc. Designed for maximum performance, scalability, and value for money, we partner with forerunners in the industry to bring you only the best in class workstations for all your needs.

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