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Tyrone Cluster Manager (TCM)
TCM is Cluster Administration Toolkit. TCM offers management for HPC clusters. It is robust system build by several man years devoted and build on the feedback of engineers working on field for HPC deployment:
  • Provision Operating Systems on physical or virtual machines: RHEL, CentOS, Fedora.
  • Provision using scripted install, stateless & statelite.
  • Remotely manage systems: IPMI 2.0, remote console, and distributed shell support
  • Quickly configure and control management node services: DNS, HTTP, DHCP, TFTP, NFS
  • GUI (web) based cluster manager
TCM Differentiators
  • TCM Scales – Scales 100s of nodes with distributed architecture
  • You can also buy additional yearly support (Specific to Tyrone/Netweb clusters).
  • More Installation Options - Install to Hard Disk, run stateless (Diskless) & run diskless with a little bit of state (Statelite).
  • Built in Automatic discovery - no need to power on one machine at a time to discover. Also, nodes that fail can be replaced and back in action by just powering them on
  • Dynamic provisioning of nodes






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