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Easiest Way to Backup, Archive and Restore
Advanced, Cross-Platform Data Protection That’s Easy to Use and Scalable

Key Benefits
+ Intuitive interface requiring only minimal experience to operate.
+ Simple, out of the box deployment for quick time to value
+ Protection for both physical and virtual, any application environment for cost saving.
+ Heterogeneous server support for flexibility to adjust to changing conditions or emergencies
+ Plug-in options to tailor NetVault Backup to your environment.
+ Disk-based backup and de-duplication to significantly improve storage efficiency
+ Comprehensive protection to safeguard critical data
+ Secured data with 128 / 256-bit encryption
+ Bare metal recovery to drastically reduce the time it takes to recover a failed disk drive.
+ Flexible storage options for distributed backup architecture
+ Dynamic device sharing to optimize backup data transfers and reduce points of failure.

Facing competitive pressure and stringent compliance demands, your organization relies on you to restore data after a disaster faster than you can say “RTO” or “RPO”. And you’re thinking there are only two kinds of data protection products out there: those that are simple to operate but have limited functionality, and those that are robust, but difficult to deploy and manage.

Well, think again-because Tyrone NetVault Seguro Backup offers the most advanced, cross-platform data protection capabilities in the market as well as unsurpassed ease of use, out-of-the-box deployment and seamless scalability. This appliance allows you to safeguard your data and applications in both physical and virtual environments from one intuitive console. And thanks to heterogeneous sever support and extensive application support you can leverage your existing investments in data protection that means no vendor lock-in or a costly rip and replace of what you’ve already deployed.


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