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Why Join Tyrone?
Here are just some of the reasons that make a career at Tyrone so fulfilling:
  + We are market leaders in our domain.
  + Our team has been responsible for the development of award-winning innovative techniques.
  + We offer a workplace where individual learning is given as much importance as the achievement of company goals.
  + We believe that workplace should be fun and exciting.
  + We offer standard employee benefits and more.

What it takes to be a Tyroner
We Tyroners are passionate about our products and our customers. It is in fact the talent, skill, and expertise of Tyroners that fuels our fast pace of growth. Simply put, the carefully chosen employees of Tyrone are among the best in the industry.

Tyrone is always on the lookout for qualified and passionate professionals looking to partake in the growth of the company. In return, we offer innumerable opportunities to work in a dynamic workplace and a challenging and rapidly evolving industry domain.

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