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Key Domain Areas
Education and Scientific Research:
Tyrone Edra HPC on Demand ideally provides solutions for the computational problems in areas of bioinformatics, computational biology, astrophysics etc. With ready-usable HPC clusters, our HPC on Demand concept will be a flexible pay as you go solution.

Manufacturing and Engineering:
We look at revolutionary ways to work with customers from Manufacturing and Engineering domain to accelerate the product design processes thru our efficient, validated HPC on Demand set up.

Financial Services:
Financial services industries requires quick random analysis on ad-hoc basis, to address all such involved complex processes HPC on Demand precisely matches up to the requirement.

Life and Material Sciences:
Drug discovery and life sciences domain have random requirement of high performance computing. HPC On demand suits this kind of variable workload with scale on demand solution.

Media and Entertainment:
Movie and animation rending requires huge computing power for a shorter duration till the project ends. HPC on Demand will save from the unnecessary capex expenses which can even make the project unviable

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