Tyrone Hyper-converged Infrastructure Solutions

  • Robust Data Protection, High-Availability And Performance
  • Predictable Scaling On Cost-Effective Infrastructure
  • Streamline Operations With High Levels Of Automation
  • Powerful, Simplified Storage For Limited IT Staffs Without Specialised Expertise

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Tyrone introduces Hyper-converged infrastructure based on world-class Intel blocks.

Designing, testing and validating an SDS solution can be a complex and resource-intensive process. VSAN Ready Nodes from Intel are fully-validated, pre-configured server systems with VMware VSAN certifications included. Designed to address the challenges of storage modernization, this offering helps resellers reduce complexity and speed time to market.


Key Use Cases



Mission Critical Applications

Robust data protection, high availability and performance


Virtual Desktops

Predictable scaling on cost-effective infrastructure


IT Operations

Streamline operations with high levels of automation


Remote IT

Powerful, simplified storage for limited IT staffs without specialized expertise

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