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Tyrone offers a range of High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions, developed using leading industry-standard building blocks and best-in-class partner products, which can deliver exceptional performance and manageability at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. We offer a wide choice of systems and interconnects so you can choose the solution that best suits your requirements and scales as your computing needs grow. The following are the broad categories of supercomputing solutions that Tyrone brings to you:

+ HPC Clusters
+ Linux Clusters
+ Rendering Clusters
+ GPU Optimized Computing
+ SMP Solutions
+ Management Tools

Our ‘Supercomputing-on-Demand’ service pushes the envelope of supercomputing further by extending massive number crunching abilities on a pay-for-use basis. This service is particularly useful for customers who have only intermittent need for supercomputers or those who do not wish to lock in capital for purchase and maintenance of these powerful beasts.

Tyrone’s strength lies in understanding your HPC needs, identifying partner products that are best suited for you, and customizing them to integrate into your environment. Our dedicated and experienced team provides excellent implementation and long-term support services.

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