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Clustering is one of the easiest means of obtaining high performance computing capabilities. Tyrone offer a range of pre-configured HPC clusters that combine speed, reliability, and affordability.

Linux Clusters
How do you a get a powerful yet affordable supercomputing solution? Bring together a bunch of CPUs, with open source Linux as the underlying OS, and link them using a high-speed network in MPP (massively parallel processor) arrays, to create what is called a Linux Cluster.

Tyrone offers best-in-class Linux cluster that apart from providing affordable supercomputing, can also be used for high availability, load balancing, and rendering farms. Tyrone has more than a 100 Linux cluster implementation across various industries.

Rendering Clusters
Gone are the days when animators would spend hours rendering a single frame of animation. High performance rendering solutions, like the one offered by Tyrone, render high quality animation frames within a short turnaround time. Rendering clusters offer powerful rendering and visualization capabilities at affordable costs.

Tyrone’s rendering clusters are flexible, scalable, and cost effective solutions. What makes our solution unique is that our rendering clusters are supported by high performance, high-availability storage solutions in the back-end that are optimized for data bandwidth and can scale from a few gigabytes to more than a petabyte.

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