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Since inception, InfiniBand has grown rapidly in popularity owing to its ability to provide very high performance coupled with low latency. InfiniBand is also unique in its ability to consolidate storage data, network, and clustering into a single fabric. Its switch fabric architecture decouples the I/O path from the computing elements, thus making it faster, more reliable, and easily scalable.

Tyrone presents storage solutions that leverage the power of InfiniBand to provide unified storage that offers high performance at drastically lower costs than fiber channel.

Why We’re Excited about InfiniBand

Much is written and discussed about InfiniBand. Let’s share some of our excitement about offering storage solutions that leverage the power of InfiniBand. Already accepted as an industry standard in the clusters domain, InfiniBand is rapidly gaining popularity in the servers market owing to the following features:

    +  Capability to provide unified storage and converged communication
    +  Low latency derived from Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) interface
    +  Supports performance of 10/20/40 Gbps; the future roadmap aims at achieving 160Gbps
    +  Low cost per port combined with better performance leading to greater cost efficiency.
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