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Tyrone offers a wide range of cluster management tools in collaboration with Cluster Resources, a leading provider of workload and resource management tools:

Moab Cluster Suite®
Moab Cluster Suite is a policy-based intelligence engine that integrates scheduling, managing, monitoring, and reporting of cluster workloads. It guarantees service levels are met while maximizing job throughput. Moab integrates with existing middleware for consolidated administrative control and holistic cluster reporting. Its graphical management interfaces and flexible policy capabilities result in decreased costs and increased ROI.

Moab Adaptive HPC Suite™
Moab Adaptive HPC Suite changes a node’s operating system on the fly in response to workload needs. As an intelligent metascheduler, Moab determines when the OS mix should be modified for optimal efficiency based on defined policies and service-level agreements and on current and projected workload. When specified conditions are met, Moab automatically triggers the OS change using a site’s preferred OS-modification technology, such as dual boot, diskfull, or stateless (diskfree) provisioning, or virtualization (using Hyper-V within Windows HPC Server 2008, VMware, or XenWare).

Moab Cluster Builder™
Moab Cluster Builder is an integrated out-of-the-box cluster deployment and management solution based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and Moab Cluster Suite®. This enterprise-class, fully supported HPC solution deploys and configures a complete cluster environment quickly and easily, and provides the ease-of-use administrator and user interfaces to make it ideal for Windows or Linux users.

Moab Grid Suite®
Moab Grid Suite is a professional grid workload management solution used by some of the world’s largest grids that integrates scheduling, management, monitoring and reporting of workloads across independent clusters. Moab makes moving to a grid easy by adding grid-optimized job submission and management in a matter of minutes. Moab optimizes data staging and seamlessly integrates with existing security mechanisms or with grid security toolkits.

Moab Utility /Hosting Suite ™
Moab Utility/Hosting Suite allows organizations to dynamically generate whole compute environments–including compute, service, node, network, storage and license resources–to meet changing workload levels, cluster health and resource failures. Moab creates a virtualized pool of all resources and then activates disk-full, diskless, and virtual provisioning technologies to adapt the resources based on workload and specific user or group needs. It fully automates resource allocation by matching workload to the optimal set of resources. Moab also provides advance reservations and ensures that quality of service and SLA guarantees are always met for both internal and external customers.

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