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MediaStore All-in-one Shared Storage Appliance Simplicity. Performance. Sophistication.

Striking Simplicity - no IT expertise required to setup or maintain
Superior Performance - choice of 1GbE, 10GbE IP/FCoE, 8GbFC and 16GbFC
Easy Connection - directly connect your Mac, Windows and Linux clients
Collaborative Editing - accelerate and manage your entire workflow
Self-Managed Solution - automatic defrag, dynamic volume expansion

MediaStore is an all-in-one, high-performance and state of the art shared storage appliance that is remarkably easy to use, highly optimized and self-managed. It is ideal for Broadcast/ post-production/ Survillance facilities that consume an inordinate amount of storage, yet operate on very low IT staff/TB ratio.

Mediastore is a sophisticated digital storage hub that is designed to smooth out the most complex video production workflows, including Avid bin locking.

Mediastore total capacity can dynamically be increased by adding up to some petabytes by adding JBODS/ Expansion chassis. There is no downtime or need to reformat you’re your storage when adding an expansion chassis.

Medistore is the ideal solution for:
  • Film colour grading, special FX and video editing workgroups
  • On-set 2K/4K film capture with instant dailies logging and editing
  • High-performance render farm
  • Surveillance and image acquisition
  • Scientific, pre-press, medical and satellite imaging analysis
  • Shared storage for rich media educational facilities
  • Alternative to Avid Unity


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