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Even a few years ago, not many would have foreseen the need for petabyte storage solutions; after all one petabyte is equal to a massive 1 million gigabytes of space. But as business dynamics across the world change, the demand for petabyte solutions is on the rise. 

Tyrone offers a network agnostic, fully redundant, unified storage solution that is scalable to more than 1 petabyte. Currently sought after by data-intensive industries like telecom, oil and gas, finance, healthcare, and cloud computing companies, petabyte solutions are poised to be the storage solutions of choice for several other domains in the years in come. 

Tyrone’s petabyte solution is unique in that a single unified storage box can scale from just a few terabytes to more than a petabyte. The solution can also be made fully redundant to ensure zero downtime.

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