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Storage Solutions
Unified Storage (File & Block)
  Fs2   VERTA Unified Storage
Unified Storage (Block)        
    D3V-QUA-424S     D3-QUA-424D     D2-QJC-424S            
    D3V-QUA-424D     D3-QUA-316D     D2-QJC-424D            
          D3-QUA-226D     D2-QJC-226D            
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As more and more data is being generated each day, traditional “in-the-box” storage – where you simply add more servers and hard disks - is not an option any more. Businesses are looking for out-of-the-box solutions that can help them juice out maximum performance from their hardware while keeping IT budgets under check. Tyrone offers a range of storage solutions that combine speed, availability, data protection, and cost effectiveness to enable you make the most of your IT investment. We also offer a wide array of products so you can choose the storage solution that best suits your business requirement.

Unified Storage
NAS and SAN unified into a single box that is compatible with FC, Ethernet, SAS, and InfiniBand. High on flexibility, storage efficiency, and data protection; Low on space requirement, power consumption, and cooling requirements, Tyrone presents Opslag Flexible Storage Solutions - FS2, a next generation unifies storage solution that can be used as a NAS, or SAN, or both.
Storage Array
Performance, availability, and expandability delivered. Tyrone offers a range of advanced storage arrays that combine scalability with high availability and performance. We offer several flavors of storage arrays – 1G / ISCSI, 10G, FC, SAS - so you can choose the solution / combination that best addresses your business needs.
Petabyte Solution
Move over gigabyte and terabyte; Welcome Petabyte solutions for bigger, better, and more efficient storage. Get a single network agnostic solution that can scale from just a few terabytes to more than a petabyte. Tyrone offers state-of-the-art petabyte storage solutions so you need look no further for storing, safeguarding, and easily retrieving, your ever increasing data.
Bringing the best and the latest of technologies. Perhaps one of first companies to offer SAS-based SAN solutions. As one of the market leaders, Tyrone brings to you the latest in storage and arrays in the form of SAS (Serial-attached SCSI), SAN (Storage Area Network), and NAS (Network-attached Storage).
Infiniband Solutions
InfiniBand is reshaping the world of networking; and we want you have storage solutions that leverage the power of InfiniBand to the maximum. Tyrone presents InfiniBand storage solutions that provide the advantage of high bandwidth, low latency, and support for high performance computing at less than half the cost of traditional solutions.

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