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 Storage Array
    D1-QF4-212X     D1-QIG-212X     D2-QIT-316X     D1-Q36-212X     D1-QIG-316X
    D1-QF4-316X     D1-QIG-316X     D2-QIT-424X     D1-Q36-316X     D1-QIG-424X
    D1-QF4-424X     D1-QIG-424X     D2-QIT-224X     D1-Q36-424X     D1-QIG-224X
Storage arrays from Tyrone are designed for flexibility, scalability, expansion, and high availability. The inbuilt “green” features provide Tyrone’s offerings an edge over other solutions in the market.
You can choose from a range of options in line with your storage requirements:

Using familiar networking standards such as Ethernet and TCP/IP, iSCSI solutions are easy to install and maintain. Unlike FC, iSCSI solutions are not limited by distance; the use of IP networking for replication eliminates the limitation of distances while reducing cost of maintenance. The ability to easily integrate with existing IT infrastructure makes iSCSI solutions ideally suited for small and medium enterprises looking for simpler yet cost effective storage solutions. Tyrone offers a range of storage array solution using the iSCSI protocol. (Details of the D1-QIG series)

+ 10GbE iSCSI
iSCSI can scale upto 10 Gigabyte to provide performance in par with Metro and Wide Area Networks (WAN). Tyrone offers 10GbE iSCSI storage solutions that are best suited for enterprises that require high transactional performance. (Details of D1-QIT series)

+ Fibre Channel
Despite the growing popularity of Ethernet and Infiniband, Fibre Channels continue to hold fort especially for their ability to carry SCSI traffic. Fibre Channel arrays are widely used by several enterprises, often for department or application specific storage in the SAN mode. Fibre Channel is ideally suited for small companies looking for reliable, high-speed connectivity combined with throughput and low latency features at an affordable price. Tyrone offers a range of FC storage array solutions: (Details of D1-QF4 series)

+ SAS Solutions
Using the point-to-point serial protocol, Serial Attached SCCI (SAS) has been accepted by the industry as the logical successor of the SCSI bus technology. SAS addresses the limitations of interface by combining the elements of SCSI with serialized transmission of data. Apart from backward compatibility with parallel SCSI and SATA drives, SAS can also take advantage of a wide variety of RAID implementations. Tyrone offers flexible SAS solutions that provide improved performance, high availability, and effective storage consolidation at lower costs. (Details of D1-Q36 series).

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