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warrants this product to be free from defective material and workmanship, and, subject to the conditions set out below, agrees to replace or repair, at TYRONE’s sole discretion, any part which proves to be defective by reason of improper workmanship or material. Items not manufactured by TYRONE but included with, or within, this product, are covered by the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. This document can be modified any time and the details of the modification can be send to the Customer or put in the website.

This warranty is provided to the original end user, for a period of Thirty Six (36) / Twenty Four (24) months, provided that proof of purchase can be provided to TYRONE CARE at the time the warranty claim is made. Machine serial number and model number will also be required.

No charge will be made for parts or labour during the first 36 month period, from the date of the original purchase.
Warranty can be extended by paying an AMC Fee to TYRONE CARE, Fee Frames can be taken from TYRONE CARE.
Option of Warranty Extension is available by purchasing the Service Renewal Packs before the expiry of current Service Pack.
Standard warranty is NDB that is Next Business Day and excludes the national holidays and Sundays.

Extended warranty can be purchased before expiry of the standard warranty terms.
All the other terms and conditions will be same as the Standard warranty terms above.

This support pack needs to be purchased separately.
Standard validity of this pack is 12 month from the invoice date.
Thereafter it can be renewed before the expiry of its term after paying the amount towards that service.
This service is for (24/7) Twenty Four hours and Seven days a week.
Response time is Four hours from the logging of call.

A Limited On-site Warranty service is provided for server equipment located within 50kms of an TYRONE Service Centre, approved by TYRONE to perform Warranty service on this product. The Limited On-site Warranty repair service is available during normal business hours (between the hours of 9:00AM and 6:00PM Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays). TYRONE or a TYRONE Authorised Service Centre representative will respond within the Next Business Day of an equipment failure being logged with TYRONE.

For server equipment located beyond 50kms from a TYRONE Service Centre warranty repairs will be carried out at TYRONE premises or an TYRONE Service Centre approved by TYRONE to perform Warranty service on this product. TYRONE will not pay for any equipment shipping charges incurred to or from the Service Centre. Please contact TYRONE CARE for further details.

Tyrone Gold Support - The Limited On-site Gold service is available during 24 Hours 7 Days during Gold Support Period.

  + Except as specified below this warranty covers all defects in material or workmanship in this product. The following are NOT      covered by this warranty.
  + Any product not purchased from TYRONE or an Authorised TYRONE Dealer or other person authorised by TYRONE to sell the      product.
  + This warranty shall not apply to defects caused by accident or misuse or operation contrary to the instructions contained in the      accompanying manuals.
  + This warranty does not apply where the Product has been previously altered or repaired or serviced by anyone other than a service      facility authorised by TYRONE to render such service or where the serial number of the Product has been altered or removed.
  + This warranty is applicable to this TYRONE product purchased by you and excludes All Software Components whatsoever.
  + This warranty shall not apply to non-TYRONE branded products. Products of this type, supplied by TYRONE, carry the original      suppliers warranty only.
  + This Warranty applies only to the product purchased and does not apply or resale.
  + Any upgrade of components in the warranty period will not increase the warranty of the product or the upgraded part.
  + If a part is replaces a new part the new part will assume the same warranty of the old part which was removed.
  + Any failure caused by a product which is not a Tyrone responsibility will not be covered.
  + Installation, de-installation, or relocation will not be covered in this support.
  + Tyrone stocks the parts in various locations. It might be that the part is not at present at the nearest location and Tyrone will move the      parts required on priority basis.
  + Parts removed from the Supported System become the property of Tyrone.
  + Tyrone will not be liable for any Failure or delay in performance due to any cause beyond its control. And will not be liable in any loss      result of failure of the Supported system.
  + Tyrone will not be responsible for the performance of other vendor’s product and services. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold      Tyrone harmless for any claims related to those third party products.
  + Customer Software applications and data are not covered by Tyrone.
  + Tyrone will keep commercially reasonable effort to service the customer as per the service pack purchased by the customer.
  + Damage or defects caused by nature disaster, transportation, accident misuse, improper use, bad operating conditions, negligence or      any other such activity will not be covered under warranty or AMC.

Software/Data backup. It is the Customer’s responsibility to complete a backup of all existing data, software, and programs on Supported Systems prior to Tyrone performing any Services. TYRONE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF, OR RECOVERY OF DATA, PROGRAMS, OR LOSS OF USE OF SYSTEM(S) OR NETWORK.

Authority to Grant access. Customer represents and warrants that it has obtained permission for both Customer and Tyrone to access and use the Supported System, the data on it, and all hardware and software components included in it, for the purpose of providing these Services. If Customer does not already have the permission, it is Customer’s responsibility to obtain it, at Customer’s expense, before Customer asks Tyrone to perform these Services.

Co-operate with Phone Analyst and On-site Technician. Customer agrees to cooperate with and follow the instructions given by Tyrone Phone analyst and its on-site technicians. Experience shows that most system problems and errors can be corrected over the phone as a result of close cooperation between the user and the analyst or technician. If non priority call is there customer will try to solve first on phone or through email communications

On-site Obligations. Where Services requires on-site performance, Customer must provide free, safe and sufficient access to Customers facilities and Supported System(s). Sufficient access includes ample working space, electricity, and a local telephone line. A monitor or display, a mouse (or pointing device), and keyboard must also be provided (at no cost to Tyrone), if the system does not already include these items.

Customer agrees that any information or data disclosed or sent to Tyrone, over the telephone, electronically or otherwise, is not confidential or proprietary to Customer, unless disclosed pursuant to a mutual NDA executed by Tyrone and Customer.

Missed Service Visit. If Customer or Customer’s authorized representative is not at the location when the service technician arrives, the service technician cannot service the Supported System. The service technician will leave a card to let Customer know he or she was there. If this occurs, Customer may be charged an additional charge for a follow-up service call.

The room temperature at the installation site should be between 10C – 32C (operating Temperature) and the humidity between 8% -90% (non condensing) customer shall maintain environmental/ electrical conditions as per established industry norms.

Engineer should be given access to the equipment /site 30 minutes from the time reporting. If the customer is unable to provide access to the equipment within the stipulated time, the technician will leave the next service call for the equipment in question will be on chargeable basis.

Customer will be fully responsible towards the safety of the visiting service engineer. The engineer must not be ill treated or physics/ verbal assaulted. In case of any problem kindly get in touch with our help desk.

All payment has to be received in advance. The services contract is valid only after receipt of advance payment.

Service report has to be signed and stamped by the concerned person. If the same is not provided, the next call be attended only after due receipt sealed and signed service report

N.B : Any of the above terms and conditions can be amended or changed without any notice and at any time. Any dispute(s) arising out of and in condition with this will be subject to arbitrator of sole arbitrator to be appointment by Netweb Technologies at New Delhi and subject to the jurisdiction of courts in New Delhi only.

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