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Controller Performance

Expansion BODs

Advanced Features

High-Availability Features
7GB/s read throughput | 5.5GB/s write throughput

Grandios | maximum of 3x Grandios boxes

Thin Provisioning | Snapshots | Asynchronous | Replication

Redundant Hot-Swap Controllers | Redundant Hot-Swap Disks, Fans, Power
Dual Power Cords | Hot Standby Spare | Automatic Failover | Multi-Path Support
Models – 4865 Fibre
Channel or iSCSI,
4565 SAS
With eighty-four 3.5” drives

Up to 84 drives per chassis | 1008TB max capacity per chassis

H: 8.75 in | W: 17.5 in | D: 38.63 in | Width w/ ear mounts: 19.01 in
RBOD weight: 82 kg | RBOD weight with drives: 135 kg | EBOD weight: 80 kg
EBOD weight with drives: 287 lb / 130 kg
Hosts External Ports
Fibre Channel Models
iSCSI Models
8 per system

Host Speed: 16Gb, 8Gb Fibre Channel | Interface Type: SFP+
Host Speed: 10Gb, 1Gb iSCSI | Interface Type: SFP+
Drive Support Grandios Nearline SAS
Data Protection Default

Add Data Protection Options
ADAPT data protection technology

0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 and 50
System Configuration System Memory
Volumes per System
Mirrored Cache
Supercapacitor Cache Backup
Cache Backup to Flash
16GB per system
Yes – Non-volatile
Management Interface Types
Protocols Supported
Management Consoles

Management Software
10/100/1000 Ethernet, Mini USB

Tyrone Storage Management Console
Remote Diagnostics | Non-disruptive Updates | Volume
Requirements –
AC Input
Input Power Requirement
Max Input Power
Heat Dissipation
200-240VAC 50-60Hz
1047W maximum continuous
3572 BTUs/hour | Platinum rated power supplies
Temperature and
Humidity Ranges
Operating Temperature
Shipping Temperature
Operating Humidity
Non-Operating Humidity
RBOD: 5oC to 35oC (41oF to 95oF) |
EBOD: 5oC to 40oC (41oF to 104oF)

-40oC to +70oC (-40oF to +158oF)
20% to 80% non-condensing
5% to 100% non-precipitating
Declared Acoustic
Noise Levels
Sound Power
< LWAd 6.6 Bels (re 1 pW) @ 23oC
Shock and Vibration Shock, Operational
Shock, Non-Operational
Vibration, Operational
Vibration, Non-Operational
5.0 g, 10ms, ½ sine pulses, Y-axis
30.0 g, 10ms, ½ sine pulses (Z-axis);
20.0 g, 10 ms, ½ sine pulses (X- and Y-axes)

0.21 Grms 5 Hz to 500 Hz random
1.04 Grms 2 Hz to 200 Hz random
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