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Future-Proof Storage Infrastructure

Big Data proliferates at mind-boggling speed, business data such as files and presentations, video fles from surveillance systems, analytics data, all of which needs to be stored somewhere, and has to be available to end users where they need it, when they need it. A storage solution for today should also take into consideration the volume and use scenarios in the future. That’s why Tyrone puts industry leading dollars and time into R&D to engineer products that store more data in less space, while still delivering the features and functionality that make them fast, efficient, and cost-effective.

yrone Systems now introduces the Tyrone Grandios Storage Array to its growing feet of enterprise-grade storage solutions. We applied the same groundbreaking technology innovation that made our lower density models the fastest in their industry price bands, to this new high density, high capacity model. Now, there’s no need to choose between capacity and performance; we provide it in the same, feature-rich product.

This product allows for flexible AFA, HFA, and HDD configuration options, Now, using minimal SSDs and intelligent frmware that boasts advanced data tiering technology, Tyrone delivers a high density solution that is also high performance and feature rich.


Tyrone Grandios delivers a space-conscious storage model that packs up to 1PB of storage space into a single chassis, expertly designed to occupy only five data center rack units. With 84 drive bays rigorously tested to function fast and efficiently with 4, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16TB hard drive, this system delivers exceptional value for the dollar for customers, cloud service providers, private cloud builders, and enterprise data centers

  • • High density design stores more data in a smaller space, reducing the cost of floor space, heating and cooling, and maintenance.
  • • With high read and write throughput for demanding streaming applications, businesses are paying less for more.

High Availability, High Performance

Areal density is important, but performance is the second half of the value equation. Powered by intelligent software, Tyrone Grandios has unique features to usher data in and out of the system seamlessly so that every resource is used to its maximum potential. Exclusive ADAPT data protection eliminates 95% of performance degradation during disk rebuild when compared to traditional RAID solutions. The technology disperses data across many drives, allocating more resources to rebuild so data is available, and business is not interrupted.

  • • Throughput is delivered at 7GB/s sequential read and 5.5GB/s sequential write, so access by end users to business-critical data is virtually instantaneous.
  • • Tyrone’s Intelligent Tiering technology automatically sorts hot and cold data to ensure highest performance dries are used only when they’re needed.

Easy to Set-Up and Maintain

Tyrone Grandios Storage Array is five steps out-of-the box simple, reliable, and stores more per rack unit, so there is less overall equipment for administrators to manage.

  • • Tyrone designs every component in the system – from the fast controller to the precisely engineered chassis and high capacity drives, so the system functions more effectively and efficiently than higher priced models where performance and reliability is reduced because components are not optimized to function together.
  • • Our Systems are built with a uniquely modular architecture so many components, including I/O modules, controllers, and software, are interchangeable. This accelerates time-to-market of new technologies, and simplifies and reduces costs of upgrading for enterprises and clouds.
  • • 5U standard 1m rack-mount enclosure for up to 8PB of data per rack
  • • ADAPT data protection technology to make data constantly available
  • • Efficient power conversion and adaptive cooling technology
  • • Up to 84 3.5” SAS hard disk drives or Solid State Drives per 5U enclosure
  • • Drawer design provides extremely high density per rack unit Easy access to hot swap drives
  • • Expansion capability up to 336 drives
  • • Dual 12Gb SAS I/O modules with integral data path redundancy
  • • Dual redundant controllers for enhanced reliability

The Storage array enables uninterrupted business continuity with dual, hot-swappable, high availability controllers that contribute to the system’s 99.999% uptime rating.

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