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A fault tolerant and redundant production cloud suite that offers the lowest turn around time in the industry,implementable on-site with Tyrones service engineering experts.

Tyrone Cloud suite helps organisations meet the modern day challenges and unique needs of a data centre. Our tailored-to-build approach while designing a cloud machine keeps sustainabiliity, customer’s IT information flow and archi tecture in mind. We can implement and deploy your cloud machines on a variety of technologies.

The Tyrone Cloud Suite machines build the cloud architecture from ground up with absolute ease. They also hand-hold any architectural changes with respect to the existing infrastructure that might require modifications, OS and technology upgrades, and deeper design revisions. Tyrone Cloud Suite is flexible and can be tightly tuned to your unique needs.

Cloud built with a cloud machine is significantly reduced and stays low in the long run.

The 5 Step journey towards Tyrone Performance Stack for Cloud Suite 7XXCL.


We assess your needs to tailor your cloud suite definition & architecture



Our service team tailors TCS machine to build you cloud infrastructure



Cloud suite adaptive tests to ensure smooth performance of cloud architecture



We proactively monitor the cloud architecture as part of the initial performance testing



Our customer success team are on hand to help you with 24/7 support service


INCLUSIONS - What we offer

Tyrone Cloud Stack, offers:

• Ceph block and object storage

• KVM and LXC, LXD

• OpenVSwitch virtual networking

The Tyrone cloud machine

• Automation at machine level

• Service re-modeling

• Containerized controlling

• Cloud monitoring with Tyrone
  LND,Tyrone IC search and nagios

• Resource usage trending and
  metrics with proficient tools

Tyrone Cloud machines ready H/W

• Approved and tested hardware
  specs from Tyrone and

• Workshops to engineer
  requirements and a tenant
  onboarding plan

• Designing, documentation,
  strategy building for cloud
  architecture, network
  & infrastructure

Service Option Highlights

• Cloud architecture variations:
  Converged and

  with Monitoring, Metering &
  Analytics capabilities

• Active directory and LDAP

• Multiple virtual networking
  designs with OpenVSwitch, DVR,
  VxLAN/GRE tunnelling and
  partner SDNs

• Hardware automation options
  for Performance stack approved
  and Tyrone Cloud Suite 7XXCL
  certified hardware.

• Control assigning and
  empowering users with access

• Multitenancy and Self service
  provision ing portal. Tyrone IC
  search provides elasticity
  spanning the layers.

• SDN, SaaS, IaaS,Storage as a
  Service configurable
  package with auto migration
  service to auxiliary/available

Service Requirements

• At least 10 nodes meeting our
  documented cloud infrastructure

• Networking configured
  according to Tyrone Cloud
  Network Guidelines, including
  Internet access from all physical
  nodes in cloud, including MA AS
  and Tyrone LND

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