Choosing the right storage technology for your business

Organizations are facing tremendous growth in data which continues to double every three years as the information flows in from different sources such as wireless sensors, virtual reality applications, digital media platforms, mobile phones, etc. The storage capacity of this large volume of data is becoming a real challenge in every industry.

Challenges in some of the major Industries:
Consumers want rich media on-demand in a variety of formats and devices. Therefore, some of the challenges faced by the Media and Entertainment industry are:

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Why do industries need efficient storage systems?

Due to the onset of COVID-19, Industries are facing a lot of challenges regarding data storage and its management as workers are mostly distributed and many of them are working from home. To handle such a huge volume of structured and unstructured data along with workloads becoming more complex, which is mostly distributed over many geographical regions, there is a need for effective data management and storage system to address these challenges.

Industries can secure the data and make it accessible using an efficient data storage system. In Travel Industries where the volume of data has increased manifold in the last few decades, flexible and highly available storage options are crucial for sustainable growth. Another challenge that arises is the capacity and storage space. Any industry must have proper infrastructure such as:

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Advantages of Virtual Tape Library(VTL)

Nowadays organisations come across several transactions and activities which is impossible to recognise. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, data volumes continue to grow exponentially. Storing and managing these large amounts of structured and unstructured data is the pain point for many organisations. Therefore, there is a need to have a place where these data can be stored and can be used for future retrieval. Also, a good storage system ensures clean and hassle-free environment.

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Benefits of the Unified multi-function and flexible storage solution

Today enterprises need to maintain efficiency and at the same time need to manage the cost. While doing this strategy they need to see the easy useability and manageability of the products.

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