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Virtualization has literally opened the flood gates of opportunity in the storage, servers, and networking domains. Virtualization is the creation of one or several virtual versions of a component to enable you to enjoy bigger, faster, and more secure applications. Tyrone offers high-end virtualization solutions in partnership with industry leaders, VMware.

Tyrone’s virtualization solutions are used extensively in datacenters to:

+ Increase space utilization efficiency by consolidating workloads of multiple under-utilized servers.
+ Ensure high availability and disaster recovery to safeguard crucial data.
+ Reduce the cost of purchasing hardware and software by replicating servers / workstations and also running multiple
   operating systems and versions on the same machine.
+ Reduce cost of maintenance of software; any migration, troubleshooting, or version upgrade needs to be done only on
   the parent machine.
+ Improve speed while reducing environmental impact.

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