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Just as Tyrone solutions are built to last long, team Tyrone believes in building customers relationships that last even longer. We, at Tyrone, take customer delight and customer retention very seriously. Apart from ensuring that our customers are equipped with solutions that are best suited for their specific environment, we also ensure that they need look no further for their storage and computing requirements and keep coming back to us even in future. We make this possible by offering products and solutions that are:

  + customized to suit your specific requirements and scale along with your growing needs
  + built to provide maximum value for money by reducing total cost of ownership
  + maintained in the long term by a strong team of post-sale support engineers.

Tyrone’s success lies in the cohesive manner in which the pre-sales, development, and support teams work.

Innovation at Tyrone
  + The first company to introduce Server products for the Intel® Xeon processor along with Supermicro
  + Associated with Kabru, one of the largest academic clusters in India – a 288-processor HPCC solution with a
     performance of 1 TFLOP- which was ranked twice in the list of Top 500 Super Computers worldwide
  + Associated with the first HPCC in India based on dual-core Intel® Xeon processor with 1333MHz FSB
  + Associated with the first HPCC in India based on Pathscale HTX Infinipath adapter
  + Among the very few providers of Petabyte storage solution in India
  + Pioneers in the in SAS-based- SAN storage solutions space in India
  + Early developers of InfiniBand-based unified storage solutions

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