For more than a decade now, Tyrone has been helping thousands of companies across the globe run extraordinarily complex businesses efficiently, securely, and reliably. A leading provider of HPC, AI/ML Servers & Workstations, Cloud, Big Data, and Storage solutions, Tyrone endeavors to change the way you work by providing the right technology blocks customized to achieve your business goals. And in so doing, we also redefine multiple paradigms.

Tyrone – Redefining Paradigms

Customer-Centric Approach at Tyrone

Tyrone develops solutions that are built to last long, and our customer relationships are meant to last even longer. We take customer delight and retention very earnestly. Apart from ensuring that you need to look no further for your storage, computing, networking, cloud, HPC, and AI/ML. etc. requirements, we also ensure that you return to us for all your future needs. It is made possible by offering products and solutions that are:

  • Customized to specific requirements and scale along with your growing needs
  • Built to provide maximum value for money by reducing the total cost of ownership
  • Our solutions are flexible enough to help you grow as an organization

We boast of one of the lowest failure ratios in the industry. Not surprisingly, our customers keep coming back to us for more and, an enormous chunk of our business comes from customer referrals.

The Tyrone Ecosystem

Our success lies in a cohesive way the pre-sales, development, and support team complement each other. We possess the capability to meet the varied and unique demands of our customers bolstered by a strong partner ecosystem. Furthermore, our alliances with the industry leaders in Servers & Workstations, Storage, Networking, AI/ML, DL, Big Data, Cloud Technology, Back-Up, and HPC solutions that consolidate speed, reliability, and scalability with energy efficiency.

Innovation at Tyrone

Innovation is at the heart of Tyrone. It is our constant endeavour to lead the industry rather than be led by competition. Our innovative approach to problem-solving is evident in our engineered solutions and platforms. Our prominent solutions are discussed below

Tyrone Cluster Manager (TCM)

TCM is a comprehensive management suite that facilitates the deployment of complete clusters and their management. Its capabilities make your clusters reliable, agile, and responsive. To the utter delight of our HPC customers, the platform empowers them by minimizing the complexity of cluster deployment and management on bare metal as well as the private cloud. Moreover, there is added satisfaction of augmented time to delivery while reducing the overall cost.

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Kubyts is a curated catalog of GPU and CPU-accelerated container applications and images for deep learning (DL) software, HPC applications, and HPC visualization tools. It containerizes applications along with all their dependencies, bundled into one package making it extremely agile in moving them across platforms. There are more than 100+ containers and over 50+ applications to meet the challenges of a modern enterprise

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Tyrone container platform

Tyrone designed and developed Tyrone container platform, a multi-cloud, bare metal, upstream Kubernetes with one of the best-in-class service and support. It helps automate the time-consuming tasks involved in managing containers and microservices from deployment and management to scheduling and scaling Kubernetes saves you money and frees your application developers to spend more time doing what they do best.


Building up a private cloud is a complicated task. However, with Skylus you can set up a private cloud within days and introduce it within an organization to run modern workloads with maximum efficiency. It delivers one of the best of private cloud in an appliance with hyper-converged capabilities i.e., combining compute, storage and network. It makes the customer’s journey simple and fast from desegregated to BareMetal, Hyperconverged cloud deployment seamless and easy.

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Here are our achievements

  • 2005 - Netweb launched the Tyrone brand of products & solutions
  • 2013 - Deployed PARAM YUVA II at C-DAC, Pune, ranked 70th most powerful supercomputer in the world
  • 2017 - Deployment servers as part of surveillance project at 204 locations across 23 states for a public sector undertaking
  • 2019 - Deployed ‘PARAM AMBAR’, which was India’s 4th fastest supercomputer at the time of commissioning, at ISRO
  • 2021 - Qualified for ‘Production Linked Incentive’ scheme of the Govt. of India for IT Hardware
  • 2021 - Launches Private Cloud stack - Skylus
  • 2021 - Deploys 5G cloud for large international Telco
  • 2022 - Launched Kubyts – container platform that enables rapid deployment of AI & HPC
  • 2022 - Qualified for ‘Production Linked Incentive’ scheme of the Govt. of India to promote telecom and networking products manufacturing in India.
  • 2022 - Deployed AIRAWAT which is expected to be the India’s largest and fastest AI Supercomputing systems
  • 2023 - Forayed into developing new product lines, viz., Network Switches and 5G ORAN Appliances.