Tyrone cluster manager (TCM) is a complete management suite that lets you deploy complete clusters and manage them effectively. A single product designed to make your clusters agile, reliable, and responsive to individual needs across industries and applications. TCM is fast-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solution for IT manager and users. It empowers them to manage complex HPC data centres by reducing the complexity of clusters and improving time-to-delivery while reducing costs.

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Remotely Manage Systems

Quick configuration of management node services

GUI (Web) based Cluster Manager

Provision OS on physical or virtual machine

Cloud Builder

High Availability

Infiniband Support

Support & Maintenance



Domain experts across industries with no IT support are struggling with managing cluster infrastructure rather than spending time on the application to produce results, which ultimately compromises productivity and results.

Provisioning Application Deployment Install over bare metal

Dynamic GUI Automatic Updates & checks Graphical Monitoring

Performance High Availability Resource Optimization


Tyrone Cluster Manager (TCM) is an intuitive web-accessible interface, focused on reducing the complexity of using and managing your HPC cluster. It lets you deploy complete clusters and manage it effectively through a web-based user interface. Complete management capabilities including cluster provisioning, monitoring, reporting, and management in a single product. TCM is designed to make your cluster agile, speedy, and reliable to deliver high throughputs.

The Benefits

  • Get clusters up and running quickly, and keep them running reliably throughout their lifecycle.
  • Easy to deploy and provision clusters.
  • Simple and easy to use GUI web based interface for targeted workload management.
  • More Installation Options - Install to Hard Disk, run stateless (Diskless) & run diskless with a bit of state (Statelite).
  • Built in Automatic discovery - No need to power on one machine at a time to discover. Nodes that fail can be replaced and back in action by just powering them on.
  • Dynamic provisioning of nodes.
  • Buy additional yearly support & Maintenance.


  • A complete HPC solution that delivers faster application results
  • Enabling easy operation and management of your cluster
  • Simple and easy-to-use web-based GUI
  • Workload management
  • Dynamic workload manager (advanced edition)


With Tyrone TCM you can easily build and monitor clusters as a single entity, provisioning the hardware and OS from a unified interface. Tyrone TCM actively monitors every component of the cluster node. It runs health checks and reports any issues in the software or the hardware, so that your HPC Cluster stays secure 24/7. The intuitive GUI gives you easy access to your cluster at all times. With Tyrone TCM, you can stay focused on your application and let TCM manage your cluster.


Technical Specifications
HPC Cluster Suite TCM Basic Edition TCM Advanced Edition
Scalable cluster deployment and management Yes Yes
Workload manager Yes Yes
Dynamic Workload manager change NA Yes
Shared Home Yes Yes
General FOSS compilers , libraries, parallel libraries , scientific Libraries Yes Yes
Graphical Monitoring Yes Yes
Intel Cluster Ready Yes Yes
High Availability NA Yes
Support & Maintenance Yes Yes
Updates and bug fixes Bugfixes Update & Bug Fixes
InfinibandSupport Yes Yes
Cloud Builder NA Yes
Recommended Size 32 128
OS Support Centos /RHEL 7.4 Centos /RHEL 7.4