Set up an Innovative and Futuristic Storage Strategy for your Enterprise!

The world is witnessing a massive flow of data across industry verticals. The volume of data created, captured, copied, and consumed globally is expected to reach a whopping 180 zettabytes. Organizations need ingenious methods of storage with a high throughput by which data can be accessed without any delay. The need of the hour is an out-of-the-box solution that can extract maximum performance from hardware while keeping a tab on the total IT budget.

Benefits of Tyrone Storage Solutions

Impeccable Performance

Tyrone storage product enables the execution of diverse workloads with minimum latencies and high throughput. Our cloud storage appliance family can support more virtual machines per storage system compared to the conventional ones while minimizing the overall cost and complications and improving performance.

Empower your Businesses

Handling a massive data stream can be challenging for even the most modern organizations equipped with the latest IT tools. The varieties of data (structured & unstructured) being generated is quite unique these days and hence it requires a fresh approach for storage and quick retrieval. Thankfully, Tyrone storage solutions have the answer to your unique storage needs.

Automated Storage Tiering

Tyrone automated storage tiering solution enables you to dynamically shift information between various disk types and RAID (redundant array of independent disks) levels to cater to space, performance, and cost requirements. Moreover, the service level requirements are fulfilled by optimizing the utilization of HDDs, SSDs, and RAID levels.

Faster Overhaul

Leverage the complete potential of your data with a seamless cloud storage experience that combines the swiftness of cloud operations, and the privilege of running any app without a trade-off. With Tyrone storage solution, bid goodbye to the headache of managing infrastructure – and start accessing and utilizing it to meet your storage requirement.

Thin Provisioning

Tyrone storage solution thin provisioning capabilities optimize the efficiency by which the available space is utilized in storage area networks (SAN). Thin provisioning functions by allocating disk storage space in an elastic way among multiple users, depending on the minimum space required by each user at a particular time.

Sit Back and Relax

Benefit from a bonding based on a thorough understanding of your IT environment from one of the leading storage solution providers in India and the world.

Check out the Range of Tyrone Storage Solutions

Tyrone offers a wide array of storage solutions for different industry verticals and workloads to suit your business requirements.

Unified Flexible Storage

NAS and SAN are unified into a single box that is compatible with FC, Ethernet, SAS, and InfiniBand. High on flexibility, storage efficiency, and data protection; Low on space requirement, power consumption, and cooling requirements, Tyrone presents Verta, a next-generation unified storage solution that can be used as a NAS, SAN, or both and virtual tape library (VTL).

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Unified Block Storage

Tyrone Opslag unified block series of products are high-performance, simple, secure, scalable, and affordable SAN storage systems for enterprises and small and midsize businesses (SMBs). It is also an ideal solution for the application of large-scale surveillance and backup and disaster recovery in enterprises or remote deployments.

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Parallel File Storage (PFS)

Tyrone presents ParallelStor, a high-performance PFS storage solution specially developed for massive enterprise requirements with high availability as one of its many highlights. The solution boasts of some brilliant performance metrics such as high throughput (10GB/s), high bandwidth (EDR-100GB/s, HDR-200GB/s), and high density (in various Configurations).

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Archival and Surveillance

Collectivo from Tyrone has been custom-designed to handle immense workloads in a performance-critical environment such as archival and storage requirements. In addition, its hardware and software can also be configured accordingly. Other highlights are multiple petabytes scalable, excellent performance, automated protection of data, easy data accessibility, simple management, and high-density storage.

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Container All-Flash Storage

Tyrone container all-flash storage solution provides businesses with an enterprise-grade Kubernetes (K8s) application platform and a holistic container storage solution. Our solution helps to address container storage issues enabling the operation team to focus on core tasks. We are all widely recognized for delivering customized container storage solutions fitting the need of an organization’s unique requirement. Based on WEKA IO Storage content

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Cloud Storage

Tyrone Grandios delivers a space-conscious storage model that packs up to 1PB of storage space into a single chassis, expertly designed to occupy only five data center rack units. A cloud-scale storage array, it offers agility, and scalability, and eliminates legacy storage complexity. The solution also allows for all-flash arrays (AFA), hybrid flash arrays (HFA), and hard disk drive (HDD) configuration options.

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Industry Vertical We Serve

Tyrone storage solution has been designed keeping in mind the interest of multiple industry verticals. We understand that the requirements of each industry can be unique and hence the solutions need to address the specific problem pertaining to that industry only.