Unified Storage (Opslag US)

The era of having multiple units for different storage needs is passing as diverse storage products prevent optimum utilization and can be difficult to manage. Opslag US series consolidates all your storage requirements in a single all-in-one storage solution which is the most flexible solution around. Apart from offering a high degree of flexibility, it fulfils other enterprise-grade requirements such as dynamic scalability, integrated approach, impeccable performance, and labor-less handling.

How Opslag US is Making the Difference in Storage Requirements?

One Point of Administration

Opslag US packs all the benefits of a unified storage solution with a high degree of performance, minimum time cost, simple deployment, and high efficiency. Consolidation of all your storage requirements means you need to worry about managing only one point ensuring a great relief for IT infrastructure handlers.

Value for Money

With data proliferation increasing at an unprecedented speed, its storage is posing a formidable challenge with the amount of investment it entails. Opslag US is one of the leading enterprise unified storage solutions that generates untapped value beyond what you are normally expecting.

Scale as You Expand

Opslag US storage is powered by ultra-high scalability to address dynamic business requirements. Initially, companies are reluctant to increase the storage cost. However, with time and soaring demand, the desire for efficient unified storage is much higher without any interruptions. This is where the scaling capabilities of Opslag US is most coveted.

Integrated Approach

Opslag US is neatly integrated with sophisticated technology striking the finest balance between the performance and cost. Our unified storage solution underpins multiple protocols suitable for different kinds of applications and accessible from any operating system. In addition, there is full virtualization support with easy deployment for virtualized infrastructure.

Proven Expertise

Tyrone boasts of a proven track record in delivering some of the most remarkable enterprise storage solutions for the last twenty years. And we continue to provide even better storage solutions at present. Some highlights of our storage solution include high availability, smart recovery, and zero RPO (Recovery Point Objective).


Opslag US scores remarkably well on the performance parameter with faster storage and easy configuration. Some of its points of difference are intuitive load balancing, application efficiency, and smart SSC cache.

Labour-less Handling

The deployment and installation of Opslag US can be accomplished without any hassle. With just a few clicks, the storage service can be delivered within a few minutes. The notification system ensures that you are proactively informed when necessary. Therefore, you can focus on the core job instead of collecting routine storage information.

Unified Storage

It offers a unified storage (File & Block) solution that facilitates file & block-based data storage services to many devices on the network. It also uses standard file and block protocols such as Network File System (NFS), Common Internet File System (CIFS), Fibre Channel (FC), and Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) that allows access to data on a single device.

Comparison Table Between Opslag Us -Qua-424d And Opslag Us-Qua-226d

Parameter Opslag US -QUA-424D Opslag US-QUA-226D
Get Specs Get Specs
Architecture Active-Active dual-controller Active-Active dual-controller
CPU Architecture 64-bit 64-bit
Drive Bays 3.5" Slot x 24 2.5" Slot x 26
Maximum Drive Bays with Expansion Unit 432 434
Compatible Drive Type 3.5" SAS HDD, 3.5" SAS SED HDD, 3.5"
2.5" SAS SSD, 2.5" SAS SED SSD, 2.5"
SATA SSD (*), 2.5" SATA SED SSD (*),
2.5" SAS HDD, 2.5" SAS SED HDD,
2.5" SAS SSD, 2.5" SAS SED SSD, 2.5" SATA
SSD (*), 2.5" SATA SED SSD (*),
2.5" SAS HDD, 2.5" SAS SED HDD,
2.5" NL-SAS HDD,
Drive Interface SAS 12Gb/s SAS 12Gb/s and SATA 6Gb/s
(Backward compatible with SAS 6Gb/s and SATA 3Gb/s)
Maximum Internal Raw Capacity 480TB 798.72TB
Maximum Raw Capacity with Expansion Units 8,640TB 8958.72TB
Dimension (H x W x D) in mm 170.3 x 438 x 515 88 x 438 x 491
Chassis Form Factor 19" Rackmount 4U 24 Bay 19" Rackmount 2U 26 bay
Net Weight (kg) 28.1 16.3
Gross Weight 32.3 18.6
Get Specs Get Specs