Unified Block Storage

As a part of the digital transformation journey, many enterprises are looking to modernize their storage infrastructure. To develop an efficient capability, there has been a noticeable shift towards software-defined scale-out architectures.

Tyrone Opslag UB block storage is used for structured data and commonly deployed in SAN (Storage Area Network) systems The protocols used for block storage are iSCSI and Fibre Channel (FC). Its unified block series of products are high-performance, simple, secure, scalable, and affordable SAN storage systems for enterprises and small and midsize businesses (SMBs). These are also ideal solutions for the application of large-scale surveillance and backup and disaster recovery in enterprises or remote deployments.

Block Storage appliances can scale up on the will which means that enterprises can begin with a few terabytes of storage capacity and improve to petabytes scale on the go. Block storage utilized a block that is a set sequence of bytes to store structured data. And each block is allocated a hash value that functions as an address. In the block storage, the data could be stored without any metadata i.e., data type, format, ownership, etc.

Use Cases

Email Servers

Opslag UB scalability and flexibility allows email servers to derive maximum advantage. The need for block storage is more acute if you are using a Microsoft Exchange server as it lacks the support for network-attached storage (NAS).

Container Storage

The block storage capabilities of Opslag UB prop up the use of container platforms such as Kubernetes, Docker, etc. generating persistent storage for the entire container. As a result, clean management and migration of containers are easily achieved between locations, servers, and operating environments.

Database Storage

Opslag UB block storage abilities take care of your database storage requirements, especially those that witness a massive volume of queries and where latency must be reduced. The support for fault tolerance and redundant volume are other reasons why Opslag UB has become a popular choice for database storage.

Disaster Recovery

Opslag UB block storage can be an expendable backup solution for recovery and quick restoration. Keeping a backup for critical data is a prudent strategy and block storage acts as a scalable and easily accessible effective backup medium. With Opslag UB you can store any data that might need a quick transfer or that you may want to access at a moment notice.

Temporary Storage

While running a complex workload in an enterprise environment. It can generate a large volume of temporary data such as cache, buffer, build, and session data. Although transient, the created data does need storage space. Opslag UB block storage serves your need extra space for a brief period.

Persistent Storage

Opslag UB block storage volumes can be effortlessly attached/detached from the cloud instance thereby making it possible to form hot- swappable drives with Block Storage. Persistent storage becomes particularly useful when there is a need to perform similar tasks across a fleet of instances with the same data.


Fast, Efficient and Dependable Data Access

Remarkable Performance

Opslag UB block storage is accompanied by high input/output operations per second (IOPS) and low latency making it feasible for workloads that demand high performance.


Opslag UB block storage range of devices is not limited to specific network environments. Individual blocks can also be configured for different operating systems such as Linux or Windows.


Based on your enterprise requirement as the business grows, you can also scale up by adding new blocks to existing ones. The best part is that upscaling can be accomplished with the simple click of a button in your interface.


Opslag UB block storage range of devices works across many operating systems and file systems creating compatibility for enterprises irrespective of configuration and environment.

Frequent Modification

Opslag UB block keeps up regular data writes without impacting performance. Instead of making changes to all the files, you can pinpoint specific blocks that need to be amended. This makes block storage highly efficient for management of large files which demands regular updates.

Granular Control

Opslag UB enables a great degree of control for storing data with block storage. For example, the performance is optimized by aggregating fast-changing data on a particular block and storing the static file on others.

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