Skylus IT infrastructure has been undergoing a transformational change in the last few years. The desire for integrated IT solutions that combines the best of hardware and software is more evident than before.

Building up a private cloud is a complicated task. However, with Skylus you can set up a private cloud within days and introduce it within an organization to run modern workloads with maximum efficiency.

Skylus delivers the best of private cloud in an appliance with hyper-converged capabilities i.e., combining compute, storage and network. It makes the customer’s journey simple and fast from desegregated to BareMetal, Hyperconverged cloud deployment seamless and easy. Other major highlights include customized scalability, multitenancy, migration/failover between nodes, a single management dashboard, etc.

Some of its prominent benefits are agility, speed, ease of use, and quick deployment.

Building blocks of Skylus Solution Architecture

Why Skylus Stands Out?

Single Management Dashboard

Combined monitoring and managing resources with cloud health metric visualization, VM performance visualization, and logs, and simplified infrastructure management with access control.

Rapid, Agile, and Easy to Use

The Sklyus platform has the ability to deploy virtual machines in an instance. Moreover, it also enables VM resizing for easy management of virtual machines.

Modular Cloud Service Architecture

Backend pack-networking, network, storage, compute, controller all these services are containerized and running on cloud.

Terminal System

Get quick access to the VM from Skylus Dashboard for troubleshooting on our own terminal system.


Running on containers, various containers spread across the systems to have completed redundancy.


Skylus has a Project Isolation system from different users accessing the same cloud resources.

Key Features Image

Key Features

  • Single Management Dashboard
  • Migration/Failover Between Nodes
  • Modular cloud service architecture
  • Skylus App Library
  • A Multi-tenancy Cloud
  • Scalable appliance solution
  • Rapid Virtual Machine (VM) creation, Fast VM resizing for easy management of VMs.
  • Cloud health metric visualization
  • Alerts & Notification Center
  • Advance Security Management