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The revenue from HPC is expected to reach a massive USD 39.87 billion by 2025. The outcome of high-performance computing is affecting different industry verticals by aiding swift decision-making to save lives, mitigate financial risks and anticipate customer sentiments. HPC solutions are designed to unlock the maximum potential of your data.

A typical HPC system can perform up to 10^12 floating point operations per second. Earlier, HPC was only a domain of specialists using exclusive supercomputers. However, the recent advances in computing, storage, and networking technology have made the technology available for use even to a common enterprise thus democratizing the benefits of technology for all.

Application Areas of High-Performance Computing

The practical applications of HPC are reshaping the world we live in. Its incredible speed and performance are changing the way we conceive and deliver solutions to day-to-day problems. In the below section, we have captured some of its most useful applications


High performance computing can help reduce the time spent on research and development. The increasing number of large-scale computational problem in the pharma industry will require more subtle and high-performance computing solution than before.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology

HPC technology supports complex machine learning algorithm to facilitate perception validation and crash test simulations. In short, an autonomous vehicle cannot afford any lag in its functionality and must process many complex calculations in real-time made possible only by HPC.

Aerospace & Defense Applications

HPC is perfectly suited for high-tech defense and aerospace applications. It plays a crucial role in training and simulation, surveillance & reconnaissance, control & communication, etc. HPC systems can swiftly analyze and provide insight on exploding volume of data emanating from radar, signals, visuals, infrared, ultraviolet, emissions, etc.

Education – R&D

High performance computing helps to build complex and increasingly realistic model for performing a real-time simulation and data analysis. The result deeply impacts advance theoretical knowledge and expand the horizon of discovery thereby fuelling research for the competitive advantage of the education sector.


The power of HPC not merely helps to crunch massive volumes of numbers but also derive better and more informed complex decisions. Real-life simulations also aid in risk assessment, fraud protection and compliance with constantly changing regulations.


HPC solutions can drastically affect the success of energy businesses by automating electricity substation, dynamic load balancing, forecasting electricity demand and improving hydrocarbon extraction with simpler techniques. Modern HPC solutions are not restricted to huge clusters but encompasses servers, networking, data & workstation technologies.

Industry Use of HPC

Due to its powerful performance and wide practical application, HPC has found its relevance cutting across industry verticals. In the below section, we have highlighted some major industries where HPC finds extensive use








Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector (BFSI)

What Does Tyrone Offer?

Tyrone offers a range of High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions, developed using leading industry-standard building blocks and best-in-class partner products, which can deliver exceptional performance and manageability at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. We also provide a wide choice of systems and interconnects so you can choose the solution that best suits your requirements and scales as your computing needs grow. The following are the broad categories of supercomputing solutions that Tyrone brings to you

Our ‘Supercomputing-on-Demand’ service pushes the envelope of supercomputing further by extending massive number crunching abilities on a pay-for-use basis. This service is particularly useful for customers who have only intermittent need for supercomputers or those who do not wish to lock in capital for the purchase and maintenance of these powerful beasts.

Tyrone’s strength lies in understanding your HPC needs, identifying partner products that are best suited for you, and customizing them to integrate into your environment. Our dedicated and experienced team provides excellent implementation and long-term support services.