Modern organizations are steadily adopting the cloud-first strategy to drive business efficiency and deliver superior value for the customers. In the year 2022, 33% of the respondent said they are using multi-cloud to guarantee availability. Apart from multi-cloud, the adoption of private cloud has also been increasing because of the desire to have greater control over data and adhere to regulatory compliances.

What Tyrone Cloud Solutions Brings to the Table?

Tyrone’s Cloud solutions have been designed keeping in mind the pain point of the industry in running modern workloads and ensuring continuity, speed, agility, low latency, high throughput, security, and failover mechanism for the IT infrastructure.

Private Cloud

Tyrone offers a private cloud solution that is as simple to operate as the public cloud. Leveraging the power of the private cloud, you can run, develop, and support any of your applications in the data centre, edge location or at a colocation facility. Private cloud is still very much in demand as per a survey which states that 7% of organizations have deployed multiple private cloud in their environment.

Hybrid Cloud

With Tyrone’s hybrid cloud solution, you can design, operate, and build suitable architecture for modern enterprise infrastructure. The hybrid solution ensures that you can manage, consume, and control all cloud services from a single dashboard enabling the IT team to focus on the core job. Adoption of hybrid cloud has been on the rise with 80% of the organizations moving to hybrid cloud in year 2022.

Multi-Cloud Control

Tyrone’s multi-cloud solution offers a simplified and consistent experience. In addition, it allows you to easily migrate workload across a multi-cloud environment. The operational and strategic ability with a multi-cloud solution ensures that you can get the on-premises infrastructure up and running in minimum time and scale as per requirement.

Cloud Migration

Tyrone’s cloud migration solution ensures seamless on-premises and public cloud migration with cost optimization and accelerated efficiency. With our services at hand, you can select the right mix to unlock the value out of your data irrespective of its location while minimizing financial and technological risks. In addition, our cloud migration service will help you to drive faster business outcomes with optimal service delivery and greater insight & control.

Holistic Cloud Infrastructure

With Tyrone’s cloud infrastructure the business users can execute all the IT, from the existing workloads to new data platforms and cloud-native applications. One of the unique points of the infrastructure is that it optimizes enterprise applications without any overhaul of the existing architecture.

Mixed Workload

A mixed workload is the capability to support more than one application in a single environment. Our cloud solutions are custom built to handle the complexities of running mixed workloads simultaneously.

Why Organization must Focus on a Cloud-First Strategy

A cloud is more than just a place. It is a coordinated arrangement for hosting and running modern workloads that demands high-level scalability, value and agility over monolithic methods characterized by infrastructure complexity, storage limitations and other computing parameters constraints.

Scale on Demand

A perfect cloud solution must seamlessly expand and contracts compute, storage and networking capacity on the go. Business operations at cloud scale provides your company some much needs competitive edge.

Independent Capabilities

One crucial advantage of cloud solutions is the mechanism through which customer can independently service their requests with secure and pre-defined parameters. Automation drives such self-serving capabilities, and the tasks are executed faster than the manual systems.

Customized Experience

Advance cloud solutions providers can optimize a business specific workloads requirement and delivering beyond general technology and solutions. Some of the latest cloud solutions helps in reducing the application outages for businesses.

Skylus – A Private Cloud Appliance

Skylus delivers a private cloud solution that makes customers’ journey simple and fast from desegregated to BareMetal, Hyperconverged cloud deployment that is seamless and easy. It also has the adaptability to fit diverse business landscapes.

Building blocks of Skylus Solution Architecture

  • Secure private cloud
  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Skylus-certified hardware

Why Skylus Stands Out?

Single Management Dashboard

Combined monitoring and managing resources with cloud health metric visualization, VM performance visualization, and logs, and simplified infrastructure management with access control.

Rapid, Agile, and Easy to Use

The Sklyus platform has the ability to deploy virtual machines in an instance. Moreover, it also enables VM resizing for easy management of virtual machines.

Modular Cloud Service Architecture

Backend pack-networking, network, storage, compute, controller all these services are containerize and running on cloud.

Terminal System

Get quick access to the VM from Skylus Dashboard for trouble shooting on our own terminal system.


Running on containers, various containers spread across the systems to have completed redundancy.


Skylus has a Project Isolation system for different users accessing same cloud resources.


Key Features

  • Single Management Dashboard
  • Migration/Failover Between Nodes
  • Modular cloud service architecture
  • Skylus App Library
  • A Multi-tenancy Cloud
  • Scalable appliance solution
  • Rapid Virtual Machine (VM) creation, Fast VM resizing for easy management of VMs.
  • Cloud health metric visualization
  • Alerts & Notification Center
  • Advance Security Management