Network switches are an integral part of high-performing modern data centers. Tyrone has decades of successful experience in deploying complex networking products and brings accumulated expertise to their switches. To meet the business requirement, Tyrone’s has introduced the NXT range of switches. These switches are ideal for top-of-the-rack deployment with the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) that supports the installation of compatible Network Operating System (NOS) Software including the open-source options Open Network Linux plus commercial NOS offerings. In addition, these switches provide great freedom of choice, with a high degree of control, rapid innovation, and reduced capital expenditure (CapEx) and operational expenditure (OpEx).

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Prominent Highlights

High Availability and Reliability

Tyrone’s NXT switches have an in-built modular fan and efficient, redundant power supply design to ensure a high availability architecture. The hot-swappable design makes certain that fans and power supplies are replaced without hampering the actual switch operations. Load sharing enables power supplies to evenly distribute load increasing reliability and lifetime.

Open Networking

This is an exciting capability of Tyrone’s NXT switches arming IT experts with innovative third-party software and operating systems. As a result, the cost is reduced because of hardware and software separations thereby improving network agility and flexibility. Overall, open networking simplifies scalability, due to the support of standards-based tools and standards-based applications and makes the network robust.

Flexibility and Versatility

Tyrone’s NXT switches offer its users the power of choice by providing a range of high-capacity interface combinations that include 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G ports to accommodate the requirements and scale of data centers. The ONIE support facilitates the integration of switches in the current network ecosystems leveraging a collection of supported third-party Network Operating Systems (NOSs) for optimal compatibility.

Smart Features

Tyrone’s NXT switches are power packed with an assortment of features in-built smart fans, and an internal heat sensor monitor. The sensors detect temperature changes and respond accordingly with the support of different fan speeds for different temperatures thereby optimizing power consumption. Switches have the power to port(B2F) airflow which optimizes air circulation inside the rack and facilitates the building of energy-efficient data centers by separating the hot and cold aisles.

Layer 2/3 Functionality

To realize the demands of data center applications, Tyrone’s NXT switches come with a complete L2 and L3 feature set along with impeccable security features with TPM and Secure Boot.

Cost-Efficient with Dedicated Support

When compared to existing networking switches, Tyrone’s NXT switches deliver a more cost-effective solution because of a lower initial purchasing cost in combination with a reduced long-terms total cost of ownership (TCO).

Comparison Table between Tyrone’s NXT-F48C810R and NXT-G48C210R

Parameter NXT-F48C810R NXT-G48C210R
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Form Factor 1U 1U
Dimensions (cm) 43.84 x 53.6 x 4.35 43.8 x 47.4 x 4.4
100G Ports (QSFP28) 8 2
25G Ports (SFP28) 48 4
10G Ports (SFP+) 2 -
1G Ports (RJ45) - 48
Management Port Yes Yes
Console Port Yes Yes
USB Port Yes Yes
Micro USB Port Yes No
Switching Capacity 4 Tbps full duplex 960 Gbps full duplex
TPM 2.0 1.2
Secure Boot Yes Yes
Pre-Loaded Software ONIE ONIE
No. of Fans 6 3
Airflow Direction Power to Port Power to Port
PSU Rating 650 W 150 W
PSU Redundancy Yes Yes
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