Are you overwhelmed at the thought of migrating to cloud? Not every vendor has the expertise to deliver the right multi-cloud service experience you need today. With Tyrone as your trusted advisor, we help you design, develop and deploy the right cloud strategy for your digital transformation.

Our solutions take care of you throughout your cloud lifecycle

Our Other Services

Adoption of the cloud takes your workloads to a completely new environment that needs regular upgrades, space utilization, computing resources and centralized management. Our cloud consulting services sets a roadmap for cloud migration, integration, and administration with the help of technical experts.

Strategic Consultation

We show you which aspects you need to consider when developing your cloud strategy. Together, we develop a suitable cloud roadmap which lays out the next steps.


You have a roadmap and are cloud ready but face the challenge of technical implementation. Our experts can develop the perfect implementation plan for your requirements.

Optimization Advice

If you are already operating a workload in the cloud but want to optimise various parameters – performance, security, automation, costs , our experts can draw up a seamless path from present to future architecture.

Technical Support

Our support services take the lead to manage issue resolution in your cloud solution environment so you can focus on your customers and business.

Why Tyrone Cloud Solutions?

Full Lifecycle

Tyrone Offers a portfolio of services, covering the entire lifecycle of industry clouds.

Smooth Migration

Our solutions are designed to ensure a smooth and accelerated transition to the Cloud.

Industry Experts

Tyrone has over 20 years of experience in engineering solutions for the customer across verticals & workloads