Given that millions of scientists, engineers, researchers, and even animation designers around the world are seeing the need for bigger, faster, and more powerful computing solutions, there is an unmet demand for supercomputers at affordable prices. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) powered supercomputing clusters, also called General-Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU), provide access to massive computing capacity while reducing energy consumption.

Recently, GPUs have evolved to enable several applications to perform at much higher speeds than is possible using multi-core systems. In partnership with several industry leaders, Tyrone offers a complete range of easy-to-deploy, pre-configured, GPU-optimized supercomputing solutions that combine green features with unmatched performance.

Kubyts™ Powered Workstations & Clusters

Tyrone brings the power of supercomputing onto your desktop so you can experience cluster-level computing performance – up to 250 times faster than standard PCs and workstations – right at your desk. The Kubyts-powered workstation accelerates productivity with an optimized AI framework and HPC applications with CPU & GPU-accelerated containers. It also facilitates running multiple applications simultaneously in a single system.

Apart from designing workstations, you can also form large GPU clusters with the unmatched capabilities of Kubyts technology. Our GPU cluster helps save money by improving GPU utilization, controlling usage, eliminating cluster spread, and minimizing data duplication.

Tyrone Kubyts offers a unique solution that offers ready-made and ready-to-use GPU-accelerated containers. The containerized applications with all their dependencies are bundled into one package making it extremely agile in moving them across hardware and platforms.

Kubyts is the hub for CPU and GPU-optimized software for deep learning, machine learning, and high-performance computing (HPC) that takes care of all the heavy lifting so data scientists, developers, and researchers can focus on building solutions, gathering insights, and delivering business value

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