High-Performance Computing (HPC) has played an instrumental role in the oil and gas industry for several decades. The sector involves many computationally intense tasks, and HPC provides the power to handle these tasks efficiently. Here's a breakdown of the main applications and benefits of HPC in the oil and gas industry, such as seismic data processing reservoir simulation, exploration, drilling optimization, data management and analytics, and environmental and safety assessments.

What you will Learn in this White Paper?

  • How is HPC aiding the transformation of Reservoir Simulation?
  • How do HPC algorithms such as Reverse Time Migration (RTM) and Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) help in Seismic Data Processing?
  • How have the recovery rates improved significantly in the last decade with the application of HPC technologies?
  • How is the cost of drilling and recovery improving with the HPC’s capabilities?

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Advantages of Using HPC in Oil & Gas Industry

Enhanced Seismic Processing and Imaging

Accurate Reservoir Simulations

Reduced Exploration and production Costs

Improved Drilling Efficiency

Risk Mitigation

Competitive Advantages