ntegrating a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) into your storage infrastructure can bring several benefits, especially if you require robust data protection, archival solutions, or you have to deal with legacy systems that rely on tape backups. The steps that you need to follow before you can go about integrating a VTL into your storage environment are assessing your needs, choosing a VTL solution, preparing for integration, deploying the VTL, testing, implementation & management, documentation & training and continual evaluation. Integrating a VTL into your storage box is a project that involves careful planning and execution.

What you will Learn in this White Paper?

  • By what means you can back up millions of files over LAN?
  • How to back up multiple clients simultaneously?
  • Using what technique, you can ensure continuous data protection?
  • How can you implement Content Address Storage (CAS)?

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Advantages of Integrating VTL into your Disk Array

Provisioning on the Fly

Expansion on Demand

Ease of Sharing

No changes to existing back up

Better Performance

Cost-effectiveness over time